Photo by Marc Pricop

Hello there, my name is Andy and here’s a little bit about me:

I am extremely passionate about using my creative practice to address social, ecological and educational challenges. My educational background is in visual communication/graphic design and interaction design, which eventually led me towards an interest in research. User-centred design, practice-based research, qualitative methods and reflective practice methods are all fundamental elements of my current and past work, which encompass both ‘traditional’ and creative research outputs.

In terms of creative work, I’m currently most known for making interactive public artworks and have continued to maintain a strong engagement with screen-based UI/UX practices as well as visual communication outputs (branding, layout etc).

Finally, I am also a passionate and avid educator, with just under 10 years experience in university teaching. I love to talk, so teaching design has been a great opportunity to share my skills and experiences with others to help them better understand complex topics in a way that’s as accessible as possible.

Thanks for reading! I’m looking forward to potentially working with you sometime in the future ☺️