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Division & Dusk

How can data visualisation be made physical, and can this help people to engage with data in new ways?

This project responded to a brief asking for a physical data visualisation informed by qualitative data that made a strong case for its own physicality. This criteria was met in Division & Dusk through the inclusion of light as a material. The tripod component of the sculpture includes embedded LEDs that casts light through the central, suspended form (named Division). This light casts shadow across surrounding surfaces, where the holes and wire elements of Division entwine and intersect, resulting in the Dusk element of the work.

The above legend can be used to read and interpret the data that informs the sculpture.

Project Details

Name: Division & Dusk

Year: 2015

Materials: acrylic, aluminium rods, screws, chain, wire

Hardware: LEDs, Arduino Uno


Exhibited publicly in ReForm: Art in Public Spaces as part of the Brisbane Street Art Festival in Brisbane, 2017.