Branding Visual Communication

Tan Chiropractic

A contemporary brand identity for a newly established chiropractic business.

Brand Identity

Logo design, signage & business cards

Tan Chiropractic is a Brisbane-based business that sought a brand identity to help establish a market presence while emphasising their focus on holistic approaches to chiropractic treatment and patient care.

The logo design, which formed the foundation of the identity, aimed to capture a contemporary aesthetic in form, while remaining distinctive, simple and elegant. The client was very satisfied with the logomark in particular as it effectively conveyed the business’ context (musculoskeletal-focussed healthcare) while also evoking a sense of dynamism and energy.

Supporting applications/implementations of the identity encompassed signage, business cards, social media collateral and digital outputs, which confirmed the versatility and strength of the designs.

The images below are a sample of pre-production renders.

Project Details

Name: Tan Chiropractic (Brand Identity)

Year: 2020

Software: Adobe Illustrator & Adobe Stock (for mockups/renders)