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Aurora & Arc

What can data tell us about historical inequalities experienced by queer people in Australia, and how might we present this data in a way that physically engages with audiences?

Aurora and Arc is a physical data visualisation that draws attention to the disparity in treatment of LGBTQIA+ citizens across the major states and  territories of Australia. 

Aluminium rods intersect with two halves of a circle– a universal metaphor for a ‘whole’. The length of each rod from where they meet the raised arc is representative of how long it was punishable by life imprisonment to be in a same-sex relationship – one inch equals a decade. Some rods also include small holes cut into the underside, which indicates states or territories that still don’t allow legal adoption for same-sex couples.

This project is a companion piece to Division & Dusk, developed as an extension of that project to further unpack LGBTQIA+ issues, while contextualising the subject matter to a local, Australian setting.

The above legend can be used to read and interpret the data that informs the sculpture.

Project Details

Name: Aurora & Arc

Year: 2015

Materials: acrylic, aluminium rods, aluminium sheet, screws

Hardware: LEDs


Exhibited publicly in ReForm: Art in Public Spaces as part of the Brisbane Street Art Festival in Brisbane, 2017.

Finalist in the inaugural exhibition of the Contemporary Art Awards, exhibited online in 2015.