Branding Visual Communication

Tan Chiropractic

Brand Identity

Logo design, signage & business cards

Tan Chiropractic is a Brisbane-based business that sought a brand identity to help establish a market presence while emphasising their focus on holistic approaches to chiropractic treatment and patient care.

The logo design, which formed the foundation of the identity, aimed to capture a contemporary aesthetic in form, while remaining distinctive, simple and elegant. The client was very satisfied with the logomark in particular as it effectively conveyed the business’ context (musculoskeletal-focussed healthcare) while also evoking a sense of dynamism and energy.

Supporting applications/implementations of the identity encompassed signage, business cards, social media collateral and digital outputs, which confirmed the versatility and strength of the designs.

The images below are a sample of pre-production renders.

Project Details

Name: Tan Chiropractic (Brand Identity)

Year: 2020

Software: Adobe Illustrator & Adobe Stock (for mockups/renders)

Branding Digital Visual Communication

INVENTory Posters

This project responded to a brief for the now defunct INVENTory space, within the QLD Museum, which called for a rebrand to engage new audiences with all that the space had to offer. The INVENTory was a versatile, collaborative space that included a rotating program of interactive, family-friendly activities that were themed around current exhibitions from within the QLD Museum. The project called for a strong, versatile brand identity, which was to be applied to three posters.

My approach to this project was highly experimental, as I sought to convey an aesthetic that captured the audience’s imagination, while encouraging creative expression. The series of posters is comprised of collaged, treated images and evokes a hypercolour, psychedelic sense of style.

The icons at the centre of each image are designed to change, depending on the current program of events taking place within the INVENTory space, which reflects the need for versatility in the design outcomes.

Project Details

Name: INVENTory Posters

Year: 2013

Software: Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator

Hardware: Canon 500D DSLR